Friday, October 12, 2007

Recycled jeans

I like to recycle everything that is possible.
Not that I’m cheapstick but I’m sorry to throw away something that can be used in another way.
For my dolls I recycle old clothes, and it works fine.
Sometimes I recycle clothes into bags or book covers, wallets etc.
Recently I find old jeans (overalls) that were damaged with wall paint, so decide to do something with them.
On some website (can’t remember the name) I saw that group of ladies made bags of old jeans with lot of embroidery on them. I liked this project, and will try to do something like this. For the start I cut off top part, and will recycle this part into embroidered bag, but not just now. First to decide what kind of embroidery stitches to put on it, but I have already made shopping bag from legs.
It’s large and comfy. Great when I go shopping by bicycle.I have added a raggy flower, so it looks cute.