Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New hand carved stamps,and handmade envelopes

As I started carving stamp for my new skirt,I decided to carve few of them (I already made a mess soo...).
I tried few simple designs and here is how they turned out.
I will use them for backgrounds in some paper projects or for stamping on clothes as I did on the skirt.
I also have made these envelopes of old maps and music sheets,and will upload them to my Etsy store.It was fun to make them.

I'm always busy

It looks like I'm always busy,don't know what exactly takes my time but I always have something to do,to finish,somewhere to go and it takes me away of my art ,and posting to here,beside of all it is time consuming for me to translate everything what I want to write.
Sometimes I want to show you something and take pictures but than no time for writing and uploading pictures etc.All the time somebody is asking me for something or expected me to do something...or I'm a little disorganized.
Last few days I was sick,well I catch a cold,and it is awful,but I'm better now.
Few days ago I find great website with clothing collection-Blue Fish,(link is in side bar)and signed up for their newsletter.As you know I can't order anything from there but there is no reason not to try to sew something like their clothes,so I did.
I fell in love in one of their skirts ,and as it is really easy to sew it I did it.
My fabric was simple red shire fabric,and I wanted it to be with some print,so I made rubber stamp (used eraser that my kids use for school),mixed golden tempera with my acrylic medium (for walls),and stamped ontop of finished skirt (before inserting the elastic waist).
I love how it looks.Than I needed pants that I can wear under this skirt,so I sew one too,used some old Burda pattern,altered it and it turns out OK too.

Now I plan to try to sew the jacket from this collection (well to looks similar to this jacket but this is big step for me),I have newer sew any jacket before,at least I bought cheap fabric and if something goes wrong it will not going to be terrible lost.And of course will show it as soon as I finish it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Package from Jurate

Last two days were really interesting s for me.
First I find invitation in my mailbox to go in the post office to pick up a package from Lithuania. Few days before Jurate told me that she have send me the package but that it will take 2-3 weeks to arrive, so I was really surprised.
Than when I went to the post office they told me they have returned it to other post office. So can you imagine me, going to this other post office to find out that I can’t pick it up today and to come tomorrow in the first post office where I was before because they have already prepared it for sending there. So I finally went home and waited till tomorrow. Than in the morning went to this first post office and picked up my parcel.
All that was irrelevant when I finally came home and opened the package. All this popped out from small box. (Have no idea how she managed to put it all inside).
Last summer when she was here, we were talking about supplies, and I told her that we have no wool for felting here, well not that good quality wool and in different colors, so she said that she will send some, and so she did. She also included few interesting yarns, beads, beading needles, invisible thread, and lovely fabric with piano cats.
I consider it as late b-day present.

Lotus challenge prize

Our postman ring the bell on my door today and he does that only when he have something interesting to give me. Guess what - I have received a parcel from Patti Culea. Actually this is a prize for my Lotus doll in Lotus challenge on Doll Street, for best use of color.
Patti was the sponsor in this challenge and a price is as you can see her book (signed of course) and fabric and this silk tops if I’m right.(newer saw something like this before).I could chose which one of her books I want, and I thought that her first book would be great, because I already have her second book (Di Evdokimoff send it to me long time ago, BTW it was my very first book on doll making).
I’m waiting for this parcel for a long time (all other winners received their prizes long ago), and thought that she has forgot me, but I was wrong, and I’m glad that I was wrong.
Book is great, and I enjoy reading it and looking at all beautiful dolls inside.
Thank you Patti.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More snow pictures

Here are more snow pictures,for all of you who don't have any snow.
It is snowing in here for two days,so New Year is white ,shiny and clean for now.

Here are my legs in deep snow.It is just under my knees.

Look at my "neighbourhood".Notice the difference,it all looks clean when snow covers all junk they have collected.

Here is a picture of my house covered with snow.It looks better when everything is green.

Recipe for the mushroom/egg/cheese dish

Judi asked me to share the recipe for this mushroom,egg,cheese dish,and here it is.
You will need 3-5 boiled eggs,500g mushrooms,300g grated hard cheese (edamer or something like this),milk ,flour,oil,seasoning,sour cream 3 dl (10 oz),and 2 eggs.
Cut eggs in slices and lay on the bottom of oiled heat resist glass pot.
Grate 150 g cheese on top of it.
In other pot make B├ęchamel sauce with milk and flour,and add mushrooms (cut them in slices before),boil for few minutes.Add salt pepper,oregano ,basil or whatever seasoning you prefer.
Pour on top of grated cheese.
Than grate another 150 g cheese on top of this,and finally stir 2 eggs with sour cream,and pour it on top of cheese.
Bake for 45 min. on 175 C- middle temperature (not sure how much it is in F).
You can eat it warm or cold.
Hope that you'll like it.