Friday, October 12, 2007

My Etsy Shop

Finally I find a way to make my online shop.
My old friend Lydia, from Germany, was here for about two weeks, and made me Pay pall account and helped me to make Etsy account.
I have uploaded my patterns in PDF files for now, but will not stay only on this.
As soon as I figure out about shipping taxes I will add few more things.
For me this is great for the start, just to see someone buying something…
A link to my new shop is:http://tamaraiivana.etsy.com/
You are very welcome to visit.

Recycled jeans

I like to recycle everything that is possible.
Not that I’m cheapstick but I’m sorry to throw away something that can be used in another way.
For my dolls I recycle old clothes, and it works fine.
Sometimes I recycle clothes into bags or book covers, wallets etc.
Recently I find old jeans (overalls) that were damaged with wall paint, so decide to do something with them.
On some website (can’t remember the name) I saw that group of ladies made bags of old jeans with lot of embroidery on them. I liked this project, and will try to do something like this. For the start I cut off top part, and will recycle this part into embroidered bag, but not just now. First to decide what kind of embroidery stitches to put on it, but I have already made shopping bag from legs.
It’s large and comfy. Great when I go shopping by bicycle.I have added a raggy flower, so it looks cute.

Bobbin Embroidery

Not so long ago, on one of my groups, somebody mentioned that you could insert unusual thread in the bobbin and make interesting drawings on fabric.
It sounded interesting to me and I tried it. Find some golden and metallic thread, and started playing with it.
The result is not that bad –don’t you think so?


All my dolls from the gallery are at home. The owner decided to close the gallery and to do something else in there. OK, now my house is full of dolls and felted jewelry.
People in here are not that interested in crafts and doll making, so I haven’t made much profit of selling.

The clown is Alley Oops- pattern by Suzette Rugolo, from a magazine.
And here are few felted rings and necklace.
My big giant doll is sitting in the corner of a dining room now, my kids made her few phyrsings- peer sings- or however you spell that, on her eyebrow, under and above the lips, and in the nose.Angel hair is pattern by Magic Threads.

Three-dimensional embroidery

You know that I had a class at Dollstreet few months ago, well I earned some money than and decided to buy few books. It really was hard for me to decide what to buy because I’m interested in so many things and have limited amount of money. I have made a wish list but it was so long that I needed 10 times more than what I had. Well I started to cut down and finally managed to fit my wish list into my money supply.
One of the books was “Three Dimensional Embroidery” by Janet Edmonds.
I was amazed with cover picture, and find few inside pages on the web with also great pictures. My expectations was to find detailed instructions for all beautiful things inside,. …Well I was not totally disappointed, but it was not near what I expected.
There is few words about every picture, and general explanation but nothing to point you how to make something specific from the book.
I have to improvise and guess what I need to do. Well, never mind, here is what I made.
I wanted to make fabric for the bag –to look like texture from the cover picture from the book (It is vessel on the picture in the book).

Findings from the flea market

One of my flea market findings is this old leather make up suitcase It was, as you can see, old and broken but I thought that it could be repaired and altered, so I ripped off all old fabric and started making new interfacing.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Flea market

The other day I was at the flea market looking for something.

I never know what this something is exactly but I always find something interesting.

Usually I buy interesting fabric clothes that I can use for dolls, but sometimes I find other interesting things like old books, photos, toys that needs to be rescued, jewelry, charms, beads etc.

I took few pictures cause I thought that would be interesting for you to see how our flea market looks like.
As you can see there is lot of junk but you can always find few pieces of real “treasure”.

This time I bought some synthetic fur (for bears) and one cream mohair kind of coat (also for bears), one blonde wig ,and huge pile of blank post card size papers (maybe I will try to make some PC’s).