Friday, June 13, 2008

My first reborn doll

Last time when I was at the flea market,I bought naked vinyl baby boy doll.I'm impressed with all pictures and websites about reborning.This is one of activities that don't exist in here,so I had to try it.
It was a little complicated for me because of supplies (you need special paint for this,glass eyes and other things),but I did it my way (as I usualy did).I used acrylic paint,and left original eyes inside.For rooting hair I used black wool row that someone send me long time ago.
Rooting is done with felting needles like felting-stabing wool in the head(poor baby).

All baby's body is painted.First layer was draving the veins,than texturing the skin,and finaly adding ten color and blushing.I find few tutorials on Youtube, that were realy useful for me.

PS; I broked 3 of my precious felting needles while rooting the hair,but there was no way back when I started doing this.
My boy has no lashes,I had no baby lashes to add to him and thought that regular fake eye lashes were to big for him.

His name is Vuk (wolf),because if I had son his name would be Vuk but I have two girls so...