Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday preparations

Today I spend all day in the kitchen,and girls decorated the tree and windows.
I'm so tired of cooking and baking and making cookies for holidays.I have no time for anything else creative.
Well cooking is kinda creative but it is also boring sometimes (like now).
I made 7 different kind of cookies(not all of them today),I had to make lot of cookies because girls are going on New Year party with their friends and everybody have to bring something-so they are bringing cookies.
I definitely will not going to cook for few days after this because I made SARMA-our national meal,and I made A LOT of it (I can feed small village somewhere in Africa with all the food I made).
Marko (my DH) will bring roast pork from his job (he's a butcher),and I'm going to make a delicious side dish with mushrooms,eggs and hard cheese.There will be also a salad that we call Russian salad-with cooked vegetables chicken,eggs and mayo,and also sour cabbage salad.

Also have to make a birthday cake for Tamara (on January 2nd).
My B-day is just after hers on January 3rd,but no cake I hope that there will be enough cookies.
Yes we are having company for New Year party.
My sister Maja,her boyfriend,his sister and nice,my husband's brother with his wife and my sister's friend,with me and Marko it is 9 persons.
Hope that it will be fun.
P.S. Maja is preparing more food to bring for dinner.
If I survive all this food -will write in next few days.
Happy New Year to everybody.