Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Recipe for the mushroom/egg/cheese dish

Judi asked me to share the recipe for this mushroom,egg,cheese dish,and here it is.
You will need 3-5 boiled eggs,500g mushrooms,300g grated hard cheese (edamer or something like this),milk ,flour,oil,seasoning,sour cream 3 dl (10 oz),and 2 eggs.
Cut eggs in slices and lay on the bottom of oiled heat resist glass pot.
Grate 150 g cheese on top of it.
In other pot make B├ęchamel sauce with milk and flour,and add mushrooms (cut them in slices before),boil for few minutes.Add salt pepper,oregano ,basil or whatever seasoning you prefer.
Pour on top of grated cheese.
Than grate another 150 g cheese on top of this,and finally stir 2 eggs with sour cream,and pour it on top of cheese.
Bake for 45 min. on 175 C- middle temperature (not sure how much it is in F).
You can eat it warm or cold.
Hope that you'll like it.