Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Package from Jurate

Last two days were really interesting s for me.
First I find invitation in my mailbox to go in the post office to pick up a package from Lithuania. Few days before Jurate told me that she have send me the package but that it will take 2-3 weeks to arrive, so I was really surprised.
Than when I went to the post office they told me they have returned it to other post office. So can you imagine me, going to this other post office to find out that I can’t pick it up today and to come tomorrow in the first post office where I was before because they have already prepared it for sending there. So I finally went home and waited till tomorrow. Than in the morning went to this first post office and picked up my parcel.
All that was irrelevant when I finally came home and opened the package. All this popped out from small box. (Have no idea how she managed to put it all inside).
Last summer when she was here, we were talking about supplies, and I told her that we have no wool for felting here, well not that good quality wool and in different colors, so she said that she will send some, and so she did. She also included few interesting yarns, beads, beading needles, invisible thread, and lovely fabric with piano cats.
I consider it as late b-day present.