Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm always busy

It looks like I'm always busy,don't know what exactly takes my time but I always have something to do,to finish,somewhere to go and it takes me away of my art ,and posting to here,beside of all it is time consuming for me to translate everything what I want to write.
Sometimes I want to show you something and take pictures but than no time for writing and uploading pictures etc.All the time somebody is asking me for something or expected me to do something...or I'm a little disorganized.
Last few days I was sick,well I catch a cold,and it is awful,but I'm better now.
Few days ago I find great website with clothing collection-Blue Fish,(link is in side bar)and signed up for their newsletter.As you know I can't order anything from there but there is no reason not to try to sew something like their clothes,so I did.
I fell in love in one of their skirts ,and as it is really easy to sew it I did it.
My fabric was simple red shire fabric,and I wanted it to be with some print,so I made rubber stamp (used eraser that my kids use for school),mixed golden tempera with my acrylic medium (for walls),and stamped ontop of finished skirt (before inserting the elastic waist).
I love how it looks.Than I needed pants that I can wear under this skirt,so I sew one too,used some old Burda pattern,altered it and it turns out OK too.

Now I plan to try to sew the jacket from this collection (well to looks similar to this jacket but this is big step for me),I have newer sew any jacket before,at least I bought cheap fabric and if something goes wrong it will not going to be terrible lost.And of course will show it as soon as I finish it.