Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ikon painting

This is St. Kirjak
I have painted this for my husband's relative.
St Kirjak is patron saint of his family.It is celebrated October 12th.
In our country every family has its own patron saint.
Father of the house celebrate this day as long as he is possible,after that his (usually) older son goes on celebrating it and so on...

Here is St.Nikola ikon,that I painted for my best friend.

My father's patron was St. Petka,celebrated in October 27th.(protector of the women),and as my father has no son,when he passed away my uncle (as younger brother) ,started celebrating it,and after him his son will.
It is nice tradition,whole family, relatives and neighbors comes and celebrate (you know with food drinking,etc).
Host prepare all nice foods and drinks for this day.(You can see the picture that I made on my uncle's celebration last time).
Some people are preparing all year for this day,and there are different customs (depends on what part of country you live in).
Here is St.Petka that I have painted long time ago (it was second ikon I made,first was for my uncle).