Sunday, May 4, 2008

New bags

Remember when I made dimensional embroidered fabric from this book?Well I finally made something of it.Easies for me was to make simple bag.The strap is not good but will replace it ASAP.

I'm sawing lot of kids clothes,because they looked so cute in them,so I saved this Tamara's denim dress.The fabric was so beautiful that I had to make something of it.
Well, I made a bag.

It is large enough so they can use it for school if they like.

Here how it looks inside.

Here is another recycling bag.
We replaced curtains in bedroom,and this was leftover fabric.
I like this color so couldn't resist my self of making bag of it.

I like to go to the flea market,but you already know that.Bought this skirt(for less than 1$) only because I liked the fabric,well segments of it.

Few days ago I find some time and riped the skirt off.Can you imagine that I made a bag?
Find some sort of instructions on this blog: http://craftside.typepad.com/craftside/2008/03/jean-therapy-it.html
Here are the results.

This is the back side.

Of course I had to make another one,this small is from my aunt's old shirt.

It is so cute and unusual shape.