Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dolls for Challenge on Doll Street

As I said in previous post there were few things happening around.
I entered two dolls for Mayor Challenge at Doll Street Dreamers.

First one is life-size doll that I made few weeks ago.She is huge doll,but as it was my first time to create something like that I'm satisfied with how she turns out.

I had problems with dressing her because of her size (all my clothes were small to her) but eventually everything turns out fine.
For the reference here is a picture of my DH with the doll.

Second doll that I entered for this challenge is last minute doll - "Wait for me,- I want to run for a mayor,-just to put on my other shoe"

Somehow silly doll but I wanted her to look like that.I'm thinking of making her into pattern or a class.
Results from this challenge will be on Friday (can't wait),and you can look at other entries here: