Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jurate's visit

Hey these past few days lot of things happened.
Well first thing first,
as she said -Jurate have visited me on Sunday and stayed till next day,when she continued her journey to Greece.
We spend these few hours talking about everything not just dolls.
I took her and Mantas to Kalemegdan-old tower in old part of Belgrade,and for a walk through center of Belgrade.
Here we are :Mantas,Jurate,me and Tamara-my younger daughter.

Jurate and Mantas are simple and kind people.Can you imagine our conversation in English which isn't our native language....well it appears that there are few words that are similar in Serbian and Lithuanian language,so we figured out that we could talk in our native languages,and not to struggle with English.
We laugh a lot and had great time.
Before they left,we agreed that they will visit again on their way home in two weeks.
She looked at my dolls and picked one for her (doll made from Patti's book Creative Cloth Doll Faces),promising to send me one of her dolls (AMF she will make one for me),so who's the lucky girl now?

I pointed her out few places in Serbia that she should visit,and hope that she will be satisfied.