Monday, September 24, 2007

Fair in Backi Petrovac

In August there was a fair of Slovak customs in Backi Petrovac.There is lot of Slovak people in this part of Serbia.
The lady from the "Etno art" gallery who "sells" my dolls was invited and she asked me to come with her.We were representing our town.Few of her friends came too, to help us to set our table.
It was first time for me to attend something like this,and I was really excited.
Here is how our table looked like.

They organized beauty contest. All the girls were in their national costumes and they looked unusual for me.
Their costumes are so shiny, lot of silver and gold sequins and different color embroidery. They wear to ten underskirts (one of them allowed me to look under her skirt) with lot of starch on them so they look like plastic.

I looked under her skirt.

I want to be a beauty too....

There was lot of crotchet things and embroidery on other tables,but this one was interesting.These are carved eggs,real eggs.

Under one of the tents some fisher mans were preparing fish soup,(delicious).And of course there were musicians (so I tried to ply the violin).

One of interesting tables.

I haven't sell any dolls (lot of people were looking and asking questions about them) but I had great time.